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03Jun 2008

By Perri Capell As a high-school career adviser, I prepare students for professional interviews. Although I explain to my female students that they must wear a shirt that has a collar and does not reveal cleavage, they insist on showing up in blouses with tank tops underneath, often times with sequins or lace accenting their […]

23Apr 2004

By: Eileen Levitt, President of The HR Team, Inc. For those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing a counter offer, it is one of the most common scenarios played out today to keep an existing employee from leaving for a new employer. Counter offers come in all shapes and sizes – ranging from […]

14Mar 2003

I want to thank you for taking the time to interview me today, for the position of Accountant. I truly appreciate all the time and care you took in telling me about the job and learning more about me. As I further analyzed the job description and the interview pattern, I grew even more confident […]

14Sep 2002

By Rachel Zupek Unfortunately, meetings are not an expendable part of corporate America. They are, however – or at least they can seem like – a colossal waste of time. (Unless, of course, food is served.) Mind-numbing as they may be, meetings are necessary. If conducted efficiently, they’re useful and can help you stand out in […]

17Aug 2001

By: Perri Capell After my column on whether to state an exact salary or a range on a job application was republished, readers again wrote to say they disagreed with my answer. A reader wanted to know whether it’s best to give an exact amount or state a range when the application requests salary history and […]