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07Aug 2012

by: Kayleen Shaefer Question: My boss doesn’t communicate with me. I sit three feet away, and she e-mails me about everything. I admire her drive, but she doesn’t include me in meetings or have confidence in me to do things. The company’s owner asked if he could get us an assistant and have me take […]

14Sep 2002

By Rachel Zupek Unfortunately, meetings are not an expendable part of corporate America. They are, however – or at least they can seem like – a colossal waste of time. (Unless, of course, food is served.) Mind-numbing as they may be, meetings are necessary. If conducted efficiently, they’re useful and can help you stand out in […]

14Jan 2001

By: Virginia K. and David E. Gordon Everyone knows how much executives suffer emotionally after a job loss, but what about their spouses or life partners? One woman was petrified when her husband, a senior vice president with a New York communications company, told her he had lost his job. Since she only worked part time, […]