Exclusive Insurance Opportunity for Realtors

You may be asking, what does the Insurance industry have to do with Real Estate?

Honestly, quite a lot.

We've worked with hundreds of realtors and thousands of insurance professionals, and you'd be amazed at how similar both professions are.

A survey was conducted with thousands of Real Estate professionals around the nation. The most relevant question was:

What do you love and hate about being a real estate professional?


  • Love being my own boss

  • Having control over my own schedule

  • Meeting new people regularly

  • A challenging and dynamic environment

  • Uncapped earning potential


  • Income is very irregular and unstable

  • Business is too dependant on the market

  • Always starting from scratch after a sale

  • No real support system

  • Work more hours than ever anticipated

    More Information, Please!

    These results were eye opening to us. We realized that Insurance professionals had the exact same "likes", but none of the "dislikes". We dug a little further trying to uncover any more connections between realtors and insurance professionals and had a revelation.

    "The highest performing Insurance Professionals were previously Real Estate Professionals"

    In hindsight, this made perfect sense. Real estate professionals already had the skill set required to excel as an insurance professional. But more importantly none of what they "hated" about the Real Estate industry existed in the Insurance industry.

    So, when Allstate Insurance retained us to identify ideal candidates for an exclusive opportunity we knew to reach out directly to Real Estate Professionals like you. We've worked exclusively in the insurance industry for over 30 years, and our track record of success is a result of our "creative" approaches. This is one of those such approaches.

    The Opportunity

    Allstate Insurance, one of the nation's largest insurance providers, is extending exclusive opportunities for the right individuals. The ideal candidate will be given the chance to partner with Allstate Insurance to launch their own Insurance Agency. This will be a company you own and operate, but will receive marketing support, guidance, education, mentorship, and exclusive Allstate Insurance products.

    Allstate is agressively expanding, which is why this opportunity even exists currently. They typically limit how many Agencies can have access to their products in a specific market. So, this is a very unique and limited opportunity for the right individual.

    Why the Insurance Industry

    If you're asking why you should consider making the leap to the insurance industry, there are many reasons why, but here are three:

    1. You build a portfolio of business. Every sale you make keeps earning you money with renewals for years to come. You never start from scratch and truly have an uncapped earning potential.

    2. Not market dependant. Insurance is a product that is always in demand. You are no longer at the mercy of how the economy is doing to generate your income.

    3. You build an asset. With support from one of the largest insurers, you will actually build a business that you can sell in the future for that big pay day.

    The Ideal Candidate

    If you've worked in the Real Estate industry for any amount of time with some success, you are an ideal candidate. You already know how to prospect, build relationships, close sales, and develop a network. You do NOT need any prior insurance knowledge, but will need to obtain your insurance licenses.

    You will require startup capital to invest in your own business. All the capital will be used for your business solely - employees, rent, etc. This is your business and you will be backed by one of the largest brands in Insurance. The majority of Agency owners recoup their investment within the first year while also earning income.

    If you feel that you are ready to make the jump into the insurance industry, backed by Allstate Insurance, please contact us to discuss further. This is an exclusive opportunity to own your own Insurance Agency backed by Allstate Insurance.

      More Information, Please!

      • An Entrepreneur. The ideal candidate wants to build and grow a business with recurring revenues.

      • Start Up Capital. Available capital is critical to ensuring you can invest in your own business.

      • Work Ethic. Starting a successful business requires hard work and dedication.