Geoff Shields, CPA, CA

Geoff brings over 20 years of insurance industry leadership experience and expertise to Strategic Resource Consultants, along with an extensive network of insurance executives and professionals. He has led high-performing teams across a wide range of disciplines, including Finance, Strategy, Risk, Compliance, Actuarial, Technology, Human Resources and Operations, and has worked closely with senior leaders in all functional areas and across the industry. Geoff has also provided financial and operational consulting services as an independent consultant to various organizations, primarily in the insurance sector.

Geoff holds a BBA degree from York University and is a Chartered Accountant. He is involved with various charitable and non-profit organizations, and enjoys barbershop singing, golf and travel. Geoff has long been an advocate of professional development in the insurance industry, and is a regular moderator and speaker at industry conferences and seminars held by organizations such as the Canadian Insurance Accountants Association.